Nightly May 8

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  2. Alibaba: $58 billion! That is how much Masayoshi Son, CEO of SoftBank Corp, will make when Alibaba goes public. This 290 percent return is from his investment of $20 million with Jack Ma 14 years ago.
  3. Apple: Apple has removed the iPhone 4 from the Indian market, just less than four months after relaunching it. No reasons were stated.
  4. Apple: People are leaving Apple, and today, two have said their goodbyes. Katie Cotton, VP of worldwide corporate communications has announced her retirement after nearly two decades at Apple, and Zane Rowe, North American Head of Sales, after a short two-year tenure with the firm.
  5. Adobe: Adobe has introduced a new free iPad app, Adobe Voice. It allows you to record your presentation with voice, photos, icons, music, animated themes, and more. This is also a great way to make explainer videos.
  6. Flipkart: Flipkart, akin to Amazon of India, is today iintroducing an Amazon Prime-like subscription service called Flipkart First.
  7. Google: Google has just invested $130M for Flatiron Health Inc., a New York-based company that aggregates cancer-patient data to help doctors make treatment decisions. Part of this said Series B financing will be used to acquire electronic medical records company Altos Solutions Inc. No details were given.
  8. Internet: A collective of 150 technology companies, including Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo, have sent a letter to FCC urging to keep Internet Open. Just so you know, Apple is not involved in any of this.
  9. Nintendo; After booking its 3rd year in red and checking out disappointing sales of its Wii U home games console, the company has announced plans to introduce a new kind of games console and software for emerging markets as early as next year. I’m looking forward to this! 🙂
  10. Samsung: The company’s head of mobile design, Chang Dong-hoon will be replaced by Lee Min-hyouk, Vice President of Mobile Design. Chang is known for his contribution to Galaxy’s design.
  11. Twitter: Twitter has released a new feature that allows advertisers to target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts in 20 different languages.
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