Nightly May 7

  1. Sponsor: PixaRoll is a mobile app that transforms your Instagram and mobile photos into prints and magnets! To celebrate Mother’s Day, they are having 15% off magnet sets for the month of May. Just key in the code “MAD” to enjoy the discount off your bill at the checkout page. Get the app here: iOS, Android.
  2. Apple: Someone has found a way to skip the iPhone lockscreen to text and access your contact list. This can be achieved by tricking Siri (watch to the video to see how the guy did it). Now that this is out in the open, I’m sure Apple will do something quick. However, if you are worried, you should just disable Siri.
  3. Alibaba: Alibaba has filed documents for its IPO in the US. There are no details about the number of shares offered and amount of money the firm will be raising. However, according to reports, the Chinese giant has valued itself at roughly US$109 billion in April 2014.
  4. Google: Intel and Google have teamed up to release a new class of Chromebooks. The aim is to have as many as 20 new Chromebooks at the end of 2014. It will be powered with Intel’s Bay Trail-M system. The device is expected to last over 11 hours of battery life and fanless.
  5. Google: Google has updated its Google Maps app with Uber integration and lane guidance in driving mode.
  6. Linkedin: Linkedin is shutting down CardMunch, an app that converts business cards into digital address book contacts this coming June 23. Existing users will be transitioned to the Evernote app and benefit from two years of free business card scanning – no Premium subscription required.
  7. Line: Do you know how the first 4 characters on LINE, namely Cony, Brown, Moon and James came about?. It started because a shy part-time designer in the company ask “Can we have a corporate character (like a mascot)?” And now these characters are making millions for the chat app.
  8. Rovio: Angry Birds maker Rovio has launched a new title! Currently, “Retry” is only available on the App Store in Canada, Finland, and Poland. The gameplay and graphics appears to have been inspired by iOS hit game Flappy Bird.
  9. Twitter: Twitter’s stock price is at a all-time low after a lock-up agreement that prevented insiders, venture capitalists and other investors from selling shares expired yesterday. It dropped a whopping 18 percent, to be precise. According to Reuters, the previously mentioned agreement only applied to 82 percent of the social media network’s equity.
  10. VSCO: VSCO, a digital-photography software company has raised US$40 million from Accel Partners. The firm has been gaining popularity, thanks to Instagram, since it sells editing software that emulates the effects of classic analog film photography.
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