Nightly May 5

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  2. Amazon: Amazon has teamed up with Twitter! Now, you can shop within Twitter with the hashtag #amazoncart. This has definitely boosted the value of Twitter.
  3. Apple: Morgan Stanley has released a study that shows most iPhone owners, at least in the U.S., are due for an upgrade. This is because most of them are either stuck with a 4 or 4S due to telco contracts. If this analysis is true, it will be a big win for iPhone 6.
  4. China: Instead of competing with each other, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicorn will spin off part of their business into a jointly-owned tower firm to coordinate tower facilities construction in China. The focus will be on 4G network developments. It’s pretty smart.
  5. Foxconn: The company is in the news again. This time, it is in talks to buy 22 percent of compatriot mobile network provider Asia Pacific Telecom Co Ltd. The deal is estimated to be worth $464.48 million.
  6. Google: It has acquired Rangespan, a London-based provider of back office services for online retailers. Rangespan makes use of data science to help retailers expand their product selection based on real-time sales dynamics. No price was mentioned but Google is obviously doing this to strengthen its retail portal Google Shopping.
  7. HTC: There is a leaked image of HTC One Mini 2. It resembles the ‘mini’ version of HTC’s One M8. Gold looks pretty good!
  8. Microsoft: Do you know that Bill Gates was Microsoft’s largest shareholder? Well, I did not, and he has recently just sold some of his shares away, making Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s former CEO the largest shareholder with more than 333 million shares, or just under 4 percent of the company.
  9. Tumblr: Teenagers are using Tumblr to share thier shoplifting habits with the world. They post pictures of their stolen “hauls” and encourage one another to keep breaking the law. Simply crazy, isn’t it?
  10. Startup Weekend Singapore: Last weekend, Singapore played host to a 54-hrs hackathon. The winning team was TripBook, an itinerary planner that will generate revenue through referral of promotions. 2nd place went to PetsCentral, a service that matches dog sitters with dog owners who want professionals to take care of their pets, and the 2nd runner-up was YQ?, a startup that helps you save time from not queuing up at food establishments, and opting for self-collection instead. What do you think of the ideas?
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