How To Do A Video Podcast On A Budget

If you have been listening to Launchbyte, you would know that Chris has been planning to move into video podcasting for a new show segment. Yesterday after our regular podcast1, we gave it a try with the video recording using smartphones and tablets. And I’m quite surprise with the results myself.

What do you need?

The existing devices we carry with us today can already produce pretty good quality video especially with an iPhone. Someone even shot a film entirely on an iPhone 4S. However to do a video interview style of recording, we would need three cameras to capture different angles for the two subjects in the frame so we try out with the following items.

  1. A Windows phone
  2. An iPad mini
  3. A Samsung S5
  4. Two Zoom mics, H2, H4 respectively
  5. We have no tripods, so we used clips to hold the phones. (Cheap and Good)

Chris is adjusting an iPhone 4 and you will see that there is a piece of paper between the clip and the phone. This is both to protect the screen and to prevent the screen from registering the clip as a “touch” action. We did not have stands or tripods available, so we used a CD box to raise the height of the Windows phone so that it can capture the full width. The phone towards the end is a Samsung S5, it is lifted up by a Starbuck cup.

The zoom mic that was use for recording. So there you go.

Chris also gotten his good friend Karen to help out. Karen is a freelance emcee and a radio DJ from our local radio station. Catch her in the new show…

A full setting looks like this. The iPhone4 was replaced with an iPad mini because it ran out of battery 🙂

Editing Software

Currently, Chris is using Adobe Premiere but you can always use the free iMovie that comes with a Mac for simple editing.

That’s all for now, I will update once the edited version is out. I would love to hear your feedback to see how we can better improve the quality of the video.

  1. Launchbyte is a hobby project by Chris and I. We love listening to podcast so we thought we will create a podcast ourselves and share the topics we love. You can find us discussing technology and thoughts about our startup scene. We are not funded nor do we have the budget to produce videos like Vulcan TV but we certainly would not compromise on our quality :). You can listen to us here. Btw we are looking for hosts to join us too (you have to work for free), you can find Chris at @anttyc. We love to hear your ideas.

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