Nightly May 2

  1. Sponsor: PixaRoll is a mobile app that transforms your Instagram and phone photos into prints and magnets! To celebrate Mother’s Day, they are having 15% off magnet sets for the month of May. Just key in the code “MAD” to receive the discount off your bill at the checkout page. Get the apps here: iOS, Android.
  2. Apple: Not sure what to download on the App Store? Apple just released a new section for curating the past month’s best apps on the App Store. This is in addition to the Editors’ Choice showcase and App Of The Week.
  3. Apple: Lots of rumours on WWDC 2014, but the gist according to the article is that the Mac OS X operating system, 10.10 will be having the limelight on stage this year as to iOS 8. The OS X 10.10 is expected to have an end-to-end redesign like what was done to iOS 7.
  4. Foursquare: The company who does Foursquare released a new app called Swarm. It is a social heat map, helping users find friends nearby and check in to share their location. While the main app Foursquare will go head to head with Yelp using its existing data available. The verge has a great video interview with the founder on this decision.
  5. Google: Yesterday, Google Drive introduced seperate apps for Google Docs and Google Sheets. Today, the Google Drive gets an update, you can now protect your documents with an optional passcode lock but you can no longer edit documents from it. It will prompt you to download the new dedicated apps.
  6. Line: Messaging app Line has introduced a new service that allows for calling ‘out’ to landline and mobile numbers across the world. This services is available in 10 countries including US. Plus in the current iOS update, they added 1,000 new emoticons to the app.
  7. Microsoft: The company updated their OneNote for iPhone. It comes with a complete redesign cater to iOS 7. It looks much more cleaner and they also added several swiping gesture. More interestingly, they added Office Lens. Any photo you insert into OneNote can be cropped, enhanced and made more awesome with just a few clicks.
  8. Twitter: You are bound to have friends who love to tweet, they tweet so much that you wish to unfollow them, but you can’t. A stealth unfollow feature might be coming out soon, you can now mute the accounts you follow, preventing another user’s tweets and retweets from appearing in your timeline. You can do this without damaging relationships ^^.
  9. Uber: Venturebeat reports that Uber will soon launch “Uber Family,” a new service that caters to passengers with children. For $10 more, the car will come with a child car seat. The “Uber Family” car service is expected to launch in as many as 10 new cities, many of them relatively small U.S. cities.
  10. Vine: Twitter’s Vine has updated their site with a new look. It now has an explore feature to allow you to search and find videos easily on the desktop.
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