Nightly April 29

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  2. Alibaba: Taobao is one of the world largest marketplace. But lots of products are knockoffs, exactly how bad is it? Of the roughly 58,000 folding bikes for sale on Taobao, for instance, up to half are knockoffs or infringe on Dahon’s intellectual property.
  3. Apple: Apple upgraded the current line of MacBook Air models with faster processor and gave them a price cut of $100 each. Now the baseline model is going for S$1,188.00. Then how about the rumour about the 12” Macbook Air with Retina?
  4. Facebook: They just updated Facebook Messenger 5.0. It now allows you to share videos and photos in an instant. For example, after snapping a photo, the photo will be shared immediately. There is no preview before transmitting. Currently the update is out for iOS and Android will be out later this week.
  5. Google: Google released a video on what their self-driving cars can do. This 2min video is worth a watch. The self-driving cars have logged nearly 700,000 autonomous miles to date.
  6. Rovio: The Angry Birds game maker Rovio reported that revenue only grew 2.5% and net profit drop 52% year-on-year in 2013. FYI, Clash of Clans developer Supercell made 4x in revenue the same year. Btw, are you still playing Angry Birds?
  7. Samsung: Data from research firm Strategy Analytics showed that Samsung’s smartphone market share in terms of units sold slipped to 31.2% from 32.4% a year earlier. Analysts are also expecting Samsung’s margin to face pressure in future quarters as competition intensifies.
  8. Microsoft: Skype just made group video calling free on Windows desktop, OS X and the Xbox One. This used to be a premium feature on Skype for $8.99 per month.
  9. Viber: A group of researchers have found out that Viber a chat app, sends video and images without encryption and stores it online afterward at a publicly available address. Viber is said to be fixing the issue after this report was out.
  10. Yelp: They added a new attribute to their business listing: “Accepts Bitcoin: Yes”. So you can now find out which cafe out there takes Bitcoin as payment.
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