Nightly April 24

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  2. Apple: In Q2 2014 alone, Apple sold 44 million iPhones, 16 iPads and four million Macs. In addition, in Greater China, the firm has hit a revenue of near US$10 billion. The company also said that it will be going for a 7-for–1 stock split. I guess people will finally stop saying things like, “Oh, Apple is dying after Steve Jobs’ demise”… What a joke.”
  3. Apple: Siri is likely to be in the upcoming Apple TV. Now, you can sit back, relax and change the channels using voice control. For the record, Amazon Fire TV has a similar feature, but I’m sure it’s not as cool as Siri.
  4. Facebook: Facebook’s profits had tripled to US$642 million in the first quarter of 2014, which accounted for a 72 percent surge in revenues. The increase was probably boosted by strong gains in mobile users and mobile advertising.
  5. Google: Google, together with SunPower Corporation, has created a US$250 million fund to go into the business of solar leasing. In Singapore, we have solar leasing programs too.
  6. OnePlus: China’s newest smartphone maker OnePlus plans to sell its flagship phone OnePlus One in several Western markets that Xiaomi hasn’t dared touch yet. It will be retailing at US$299 and the specs are comparable to Samsung Note 3. The phone comes with CyanogenMod as the default OS, but users need not root it if they want to use other Android ROMs. Apparently, a lot of geeks are cheering CyanogenMod OS on.
  7. Podcast: Here is a podcast on bootstrapping brought to you by e27. This week, the online publication interviews Jerome Chan, an entrepreneur who grew Ideas Incubator organically, and understands why he’s on this mission to found another company.
  8. Samsung: Samsung has just launched a new phone in China, named Galaxy Beam 2. It comes with a miniature pico projector, and runs on Android 4.2. It’s an entry-level Android and is currently only available for China Mobile.
  9. Singapore: Starhub, a Singaporean telco, was planning to increase its price for using its 4G service. However, that plan was brought down by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, so yes, no increase in price for our 4G services for now…
  10. Xiaomi: After spending a large sum for, Chinese handset manufacturer Xiaomi has announced that the company will be expanding to 10 new countries this year. For an existing market like Singapore, it will continue going for direct sales to keep prices low.
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