Nightly April 22

Nightly Tech News

  1. Announcement: This space is for sponsored announcement. reachme[at] for more details.
  2. Apple: It’s Earth Day! The company has come up with a video, narrated by CEO Tim Cook himself, to highlight its environmental initiative. The video has gotten a lot of attention.
  3. Apple: Apple has just extended its trademark to include Jewelry and Watches. It is highly likely that the birth of the “iWatch” will happen this year.
  4. DiDi: Have you met DiDi, a cuddly teddy bear that comes with an app that will teach kids the concept of spelling, counting and recognising shapes and colours? It is as large as an average infant, and has screens on its face and belly that would work upon plugging in an iPad. The best thing is that even when the iPad runs out of battery, the child will still be able to play with DiDi.
  5. Google: Someone from Google posted that the Hangouts app for Android will be updated in the next few days. It will supposedly integrate the text messages and chat messages from the same individual into one window. Previously, it was considered to be different conversations.
  6. LG: The LG smartwatch “G Watch” will be available in stealth black and champagne gold. It will have an always-on screen and is expected to be both water and dust resistant. The champagne gold looks amazing.
  7. Singapore: Needless to say, this announcement comes as extremely good news to entrepreneurs in Singapore. The government has selected six venture capital firms, namely Golden Gate, Jungle Ventures, Monk’s Hill Ventures, Walden International, SBI Ven Capital, and New Asia Investments to pump S$10 million (US$7.9 million) into each fund with a 1:1 matching scheme under the Early Stage Venture Fund (ESVF) initiative. The money, matched with contributions from the VCs, will then be used for Series A investments. This might be food for thought: Isn’t that using taxpayers’ money to invest in startups?
  8. Uber: Uber, an app service that connects passengers with private car drivers, and ridesharing services often face regulatory issues in the countries they operate in. In Japan, the company had registered itself as a travel agency, instead of a technology company, so they can provide car services to its users.
  9. Yahoo: According to this article, All Google Testing has discovered a test that turns the right column of Yahoo’s search results page into a doppelganger of Google’s Knowledge Graph. Not that it will really affect us, but the video’s worth a watch.

App of the day

  1. iOS App: Hear, hear. Mailbox 2.0 is now available on iOS. Previously, consumers could only download the intelligent mail client app on their Android devices. What’s so cool about it? Well, for one, it learns from your swipes and snoozes to automate actions. And it has a beautiful interface.
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