Nightly April 21

It’s good to be back 😀

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  2. Alibaba: The e-commerce giant has teamed up with China’s major telecom carriers to launch telecom services in China. Very soon, you could be using Alibaba network in China. This giant is getting into every space he can get his hands on, which is also making the valuation of Alibaba even tougher before its IPO.
  3. Apple: Apple and Google are competing for game developers to ensure that top game titles arrive first on their respective platform. I hope this does not become those “exclusive only” kind of game that only appears on one platform because if this is the case, users might need to get devices from both platform to get the games they want.
  4. Facebook: Facebook is expecting to launch its own ad network during its F8 conference this month. For developers, this is great news because we now get to have more choices rather than just admob and iads.
  5. Google: An anti-virus app “Virus Shield” got more than 10,000 downloads and each download cost user $3.99. However, the app did absolutely nothing. It is fake. Google found out and decided to issued refunds and gives a $5 Play Store credit to users who are affected. I wonder how the app got into the Play Store in the first place.
  6. Internet Of Things: The inaugural Internet of Things Asia took place today in Singapore. It is a 2 days conference and exhibition in Singapore Expo. There are forty exhibitors and most of the them are big companies with focus towards Smart City.
  7. Nintendo: Game Boy turns 25 today. It was revolutionary when handheld Game Boy showed up. Everybody wanted me, including me. I can still remember how I love playing Tetris. This is making me feel old.
  8. Media Development Authority: MDA is asking for public feedback on Internet parental controls. They suggests 1. service providers to ask subscribers if they want parental control services during the point of purchase Or 2. parental controls are switched on by default. Both options caused you more money as a parent.
  9. Singapore: You will find it hard to believe but according to this article, Singapore has the fastest Internet speed in Southeast Asia with speeds of 61Mbps, the 2nd place is Thailand at 17.7Mbps while Vietnam in 3rd with 13.1Mbps. To give you a better comparison, the global average Internet speed is 17.5Mbps.
  10. Uber: The company is offering 1,000 complimentary UberX rides to SG Enable, an agency dedicated to serving persons with disabilities. UberX is a taxi booking service, the drivers under this services are their partners and the base fare starts from $3.50, which is pretty reasonable, considering it is on demand.
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