Linode Now On SSDs

Linode = SSDs + Insane network + Faster processors + Double the RAM + Hourly Billing via link

Linode just had an insane upgrade to its hardware and network. The upgrade cost about $45M. The good news is that the are no changes in pricing for the plans. The lowest starts at $20 per month.

The question is “will Digital Ocean(DO) be affected by this?”, I would argue YES because 1. It is hard for DO to differentiate itself using SSD like they do in the past. 2. Lindoe listens to their customers. Developers like to compare services, often they do a Linode vs DO kind of articles, but many of the points that were mentioned in favor of DO are now available to Lindoe too. So this might results in some switches.

Although, DO does have the $5/mth plan that developers like to test and play around with but when it comes to production, it will be Lindoe for me.