Flickr 3.0

Today Flickr is getting its most dramatic makeover to date, with a total redesign of the apps for iOS and Android that make it a more direct competitor to Instagram and other photo-sharing services. Via link

The new iOS Flickr app is simply beautiful. Looks a bit like Instagram thou. The app now feels faster as with the syncing feature which allows you to upload all your phone photos to Flickr service.

Do you need this app?

I used to have Flickr on my phone and I also turn on the syncing feature so that I can backup and share my photos easily.

Although the photos sync seamlessly, the web service still is a bit “heavy”, the navigation panel is not that straight forward arranging the photos to album takes a bit of getting used to. Furthermore, it takes a bit of time for your photos to load on Flickr (not sure why), you may say it is because of the Internet connections but when I tried Google+ “auto upload” and view the photos in Google+ the response was quick and beautiful.

I have since moved to Google+ to store most of my mobile photos but it’s a little difficult to share from Google+. Sharing from Flickr is still easier.

So if you are looking for a place to store and share that travel photos you took from your mobile phone, I would say Flickr would be suitable for you because of the “1TB” free storage and the ability to share. Unless, you are in the Google eco-system and you use Google+, the auto backup experience would be more wholesome.

fyi, Dropbox also has an app to backup and share your mobile photos. link. __But it will take up your Dropbox storage and the app isn’t that friendly to arrange the photos into Album.

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