Nightly April 15

  1. Apple: New Photo of Alleged iPhone 6 Manufacturing Mold Hints at 4.7-Inch Display.
  2. Apple: There is a rumor that LG may be the only provider of OLED displays for Apple’s upcoming iWatch, claiming that Apple plans to sell some 9 million smartwatches this year.
  3. Google: Google has bought Titan Aerospace, a maker of solar-powered drones, saying it could help bring Internet access to remote parts of the world as well as solve other problems. Facebook wanted this company initially.
  4. Google Goggle updated its terms of service informing users that their incoming and outgoing emails are automatically analyzed by software to create targeted ads. My thoughts: I thought this was already happening even before this update. We got scroogled?.
  5. Jasper: Meet Jasper, the open source Siri.All you need to set up your own is a microphone, a speaker, and a Raspberry Pi.
  6. Micorsoft: Microsoft is making the Web versions of its Office apps available to users through the Chrome Web Store. This is the perfect alternative to Google Drive.
  7. Microsoft: If you can’t wait for Windows Phone 8.1, you can now get it with the developer preview.
  8. Square: Square hires long-time Amazon veteran Alyssa Henry as its new engineering lead. When in Amazon she ran the data storage business for Amazon Web Services.
  9. I out overseas. So the schedule for Nightly is a little “inconsistence”. Sorry for the hip up 🙂