Nightly April 11

  1. Sponsored Announcement: Red Dot Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm in Singapore. They are now looking for investment managers. Send your resume to Daryl at daryl[at]reddotventures[dot]com for more details. If you could, do mention that you saw this announcement first on Nightly! Thank you. 🙂
  2. Dropbox: After Dropbox announced that Condoleezza Rice will be joining their Board of Directors. This site Drop Dropbox pops up and the sole purpose is to ask Drew Houston to drop Condoleezza Rice or they will forgo using Dropbox services. The site provided lots of reasons why Condoleezza should go. Although there are a few alternative to Dropbox, the product itself is so good to not use it.
  3. Facebook: The Facebook and WhatApp deal have been approved by the Federal Trade Commission but there is a catch “Facebook will need the “affirmative consent” of WhatsApp users in order to use their data for advertising or anything.
  4. Google: On April 15, you can own a Google Glass. It is only available for US residents and each Glass goes at a price of US$1,500. It will also come with either a free sunglass shade or prescription glasses frame.
  5. Google: Google adds a Verify Apps enhancement to Android. This will make sure the apps you download outside Google Play is safe. Kinda of like “anti-virus”.
  6. Line: My favourite messaging app LINE is looking to target 1B users in 2015 and also considering an IPO. My thoughts: I spent $150 on LINE figures so I think IPO makes sense because the figuring are so cute 😀
  7. Square: The article states that Apple and Google are both interested Square. The rumour offer is around $8B. But would Jack take the offer or he will go for an IPO?
  8. Twitter: They just turn into Facebook. The company adds notifications to their site. When you’re logged in on, you will receive notifications if someone has replied, favorited or retweeted one of your Tweets.
  9. Zopim: Zopim is a Singapore based startup that provides a live chat solutions for websites. They have been acquired by Zendesk at $29.8M. We are proud of you! Zopim.

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