I Have A Crazy Friend

I have a friend. He is a bit crazy.

He is always there to help you but never expects any thing in return. His motto is to live is to have positive impact on others.

He loves technology and is always thinking how he can use his skills to change the world.

He lives with minimal things in his life.

He does not have any income for the past 12 months.

All because he is working on an idea. An idea he believes that would help change life of people and to solve two big problems.

The First Problem: Language

His name is Cong. He is a Vietnamese and he wants to help his fellow people learn English. He believes that learning English will help his people find a better job, get a better income and have a better life. There are English schools in Vietnam but they are private and sometimes of higher cost. He hope that he can break this barrier with technology.

Today he launched APO, it allows you to learning English vocabulary with your friends. There are quizzes and you and your friend can compete.

The Second Problem: Motivation

You see the problem is when it comes to learning a new language, it’s not the language that is the barrier. It is the motivation. Sometimes you just get lazy and you give up. The same is true for many other things that we do in live. Passion, determination or competitive, whatever you call it, you learn things better when you are together with you friends. Human are social animals

To Cong: Bootstrapping an idea is crazily tough. But you show me that as long as you want to do it, anything is possible. I have 101% respect for you.

To all the friends who are reading this: if you know of any friends who are looking to learn English, do share the app link with them. You will help them, you will help Cong.

Learning English vocabulary with Friends using APO: Download HERE

Thank you.

p/s: You can find Cong here. He is also the creator of Blogwith – if you use Evernote for blogging, Blogwith will help you sync your blogging notes to the platform you want, be it Tumblr, WordPress or even Github.