Nightly April 07

  1. Amazon: Last week, Amazon announced a new stand-alone gadget called the Dash. It’s basically a remote control for buying groceries. It allows you to create your shopping list by speaking into it or scan on the item’s barcode.
  2. Apple: There is a confidential powerpoint from Apple titled “Consumers want what we don’t have” that was made public due to the legal battle with Samsung. The data shows that 40 percent of smartphones growth between 2011 and 2012 go to smartphones ‘over-$300, display bigger than 4”’. This means Apple already knew consumers are looking for smartphone with bigger devices, which may just prove the bigger screen iPhone rumour to be true.
  3. Google: Rumours about the Google TV are back. Powered by Android, it will come with voice commands (similar to Fire TV by Amazon) that help you to find content easily.
  4. Internet: About 51 percent of Americans feel that Google, Facebook, Amazon and others have been intrusive in terms of data collection. The poll, conducted by Reuters, surveyed 5,000 Americans. It seems that these Internet companies are getting so big; sometimes, it is scary how much they know about you.
  5. Indonesia: Indonesia is looking to add a luxury goods sales tax. This includes cell phones. If the tax proposal is accepted, a 20 percent tax will be added onto smartphones that are priced above US$442.
  6. Sony: Sony has released a camera that can shoot 4K video in the dark. The Alpha A7s has a resolution of 12.2 megapixels and a maximum ISO of 409,600. So what is 4K (3840×2160)? It is the highest standard for resolution after 1080p, however currently there are not many displays out there that supports 4K.
  7. Twitter: There will be 15 different kinds of advertisements coming soon to a Twitter feed near you. These advertisements will follow the Facebook version of App ads, where users will see a direct-app install link. Here is a “leaked” version.
  8. Samsung: Samsung has released its official Galaxy S5 wireless charging covers. Available in four different models, these covers are priced around $30. There will also be dual-SIM version of the Galaxy S5 available for China and maybe India.
  9. Do You Know: Brandon Wade, a MIT graduate, runs five dating sites. One even borders prostitution. As a former nerd, he was always too shy to talk to women. So, he decided to solve his own problem with a dating site. Best known for, Wade speaks to Business Insider about his journey starting up.

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