Nightly April 04

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  2. Apple: The hottest Tech event date is out. WWDC 2014 falls on 02–06 June. Ticket price $1,599 each. FYI, it’s sold out every year.
  3. Apple: Yesterday, Mircosoft announced “Cortana” aka “the Siri killer”. Today, Apple acquires Novauris. A speech recognition firm to work on Siri. The company has a huge database of automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology which is likely to improve Siri performance.
  4. China: A Chinese wine ecommerce site has just raised US$69M in new funding. The ecommerce are going crazy in China. 5. Flickr: Current Flickr product head Mark Spiering is leaving for a startup in berlin. The startup has a product “EyeEm” similar to Flickr and have about 10M downloads now.
  5. Facebook: You can now make free calls from Facebook Messenger and the in-call screen looks kinda of like the iOS7 itself.
  6. Facebook: The company paid out a total of $1.5M in 2013 for “687” bug reports. About 14,763 reports of suspected flaws were received but only 687 were positive. The highest payout went to a Brazilian researcher at $33,500.
  7. Google: The company that Google brought for $3.6B – NEST, stops selling it’s smart smoke alarm today. There is a feature which a user can disable the smoke alarm with a wave of the hand (aka Nest Wave) and this could be unintentionally activated. They are also asking all users to switch off the Nest Wave due to safety concerns.
  8. Samsung: The Samsung Windows phone is out. A 5-inch 1080p display, a 13-megapixel camera and 2GB ram. Most interestingly, it comes with an infra-red blaster which turn the phone into a remote control for TV.
  9. Singapore: Someone is selling the databases of popular daily deals and shopping sites in Singapore. For about S$0.12, you get an email, home address, email address. mobile number and shopping history.

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