Nightly April 03

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  2. Amazon: The US-based e-commerce firm has launched Fire TV, an Android-powered streaming and gaming set-top box for $99. This means that Amazon will be going head to head with set-up boxes like Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. That being said, the surprise gaming component might just give PS4 or the Xbox a good fight. In addition, a gaming controller is sold separately.
  3. China: Copy or localisation? Anonymous confessional apps like Whisper and Secret, which are popular in the US, are now cloned and brought into China. The Whisper clone is known as “Xiao Sheng” while the Secret clone is called “Mini”. Both apps are now available for downloading.
  4. Mircosoft: Microosoft held a three-hour keynote yesterday, and announced the new Windows Phone 8.1. There are tons of new features but let’s take about the core features: a new action center, new lock screen experiences and a Siri-like feature called “Cortana”. The voice-activated assistant will replace the phone OS’s search function. It also shows you a notebook with what it knows about you. Furthermore, 8.1 also supports enterprise level VPN, new MDM capabilities and S/MIME encrypted email. There are many more awesome features and even a preview of the touch-enabled Office. Check out this video published by Verge that cuts the keynote into 7 minutes.
  5. Nokia During the Microsoft keynote session last night, Nokia released 3 new phones: Lumia 930, 630 and 635. The 930 will have a 5-inch full HD display, a 20 MP PureView sensor with Optical Image Stabilization and Zeiss optics and 4 microphones for audio capture in video. There is a “M7”-like feature added to 630 and 635. Both phones come with a low-powered Sensorcore processor that can track movement for things like fitness tracking.
  6. Samsung: Samsung wants to connect your home to your phone and maybe your watch. Currently, there are only two compatible products: a fridge and a washing machine.
  7. Singapore: In Singapore, if your (current affairs) website receives high traffic, you might be asked to register with the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore. Once you register, you might be regulated by MDA, and will not be able to receive foreign investment. Guess not everyone is free to speak (or in this case, write) their mind on the Internet.
  8. Do You Know: If you love Coffee, this is for you. Coffee taster for Costa Coffee has had his tongue insured for £10 million with Lloyd’s of London. That is a lot of money.
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