Nightly April 02

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  2. Apple: Apple is looking to buy a business unit from Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics Corp. The unit Renesas SP Drivers designs display control chips for Apple’s iPhone. My thoughts: It seems like Apple is bringing everything in house. Maybe it is tired of suppliers leaking out product specs.
  3. Flurry: The app analytics firm has issued a 5-year report on the mobile industry. While on mobile, consumers spend 86 percent of their time on apps. If we take a closer look at these users, 32 percent of their time spent on apps can be attributed to games. My thoughts: Even though I had shared about this topic earlier, I’m doing it again. Analysts predict that in-app ad revenues will surpass web display ads in 2017.
  4. Lenovo: Lenovo has announced four new Android tablets under its A-Series range. There is two 7”, one 8” and one 10”. Here’s the selling point: there are Dolby front-facing stereo speakers installed, so you can now blast the music however loud you want. Price range: £99.99 ~ £169.99, which is US$166.40 to US$283.08.
  5. Mobile: Apple has opened up its iAds platform! This means that anybody with an Apple ID can now create iAds for free. This ability was once limited to registered developers, who pay a license.
  6. Spotify: Music streaming platform Spotify has redesigned its app. I think that the old design looks fine, but the designer seemed to have found a few flaws. The new design is truly awesome.
  7. Thailand: Thailand’s ICT ministry today announced its clampdown on websites deemed illegal. A plethora of porn portals, torrents and gambling websites have been blocked. However, there is just one big problem – there are still so many such websites out there. How many can it ban?
  8. WhatsApp: Our friendly green chat app has hit a new daily record. 20 billion messages sent (inbound) and 44 billion messages sent (outbound) within 24 hours. But Line is coming strong with 400M users on all platforms now. My thoughts: Somewhere out there, Mark is smiling.
  9. Do You Know: The Singapore Government has come up with a National Cycling Plan. The aim is to build a cycling network that connects about 700 km around the island-nation and to come up with a safe environment for all cyclists. Even the URA’s very own Chief Planner cycles to work. Well done!
  10. Special Thanks: To Elaine who spends her time to make Nightly even more awesome.