Nightly March 28

  1. I apologised as I did not mange to produce Nightly for yesterday night, I had a last minute trip to KL. There is pitching event and I’m there to judge. Here’s to your #tech news hangout 🙂 Stories on Microsoft is quite interesting.
  2. Amazon: The company is expecting to launch its Video Box on April 2. The box will be competing in the space with Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast sticks.
  3. Apple: “The Russian government officials have swapped their iPads for Samsung tablets to ensure tighter security.” Hmmm, How is Samsung safer? with Android apps having so many malware?
  4. Bitcoins: The Android that you are downloading from the official Google Play store could be seeded with the hidden mining code. After you download the apps and run, the apps will be mining coins for the virtual currencies. This takes up great processing power and in turn kills your batteries. The two apps on Play Store are Songs and Prized.
  5. Dropbox: With the new funding round, Dropbox is to buy a Berlin based startup, Readmill for $8 Million. Readmill is a social and shareable reading platform. *I thought the trend of social is dead?, anyway this is also rumoured to be an acquistion hire.
  6. Fashion: Adidas adds WiFI and mobile charging points for a new store in Berlin. This is part of the new store new store blueprint for its Originals fashion brand. The hope is to drive customers of 16–24 to hangout longer in the store.
  7. Mircosoft: Office for iPad is out today. You can download it for free but it can only do reading. If you are looking to edit, you would need to purchase the Office 365 subscription. The interesting thing is when you get the Office 365 subscription plans, Apple gets a 30% cut
  8. Twitter: Twitter is telling TV networks that if they are interested in using their data metrics, they would need to work exclusively with Twitter. A punch directed at Facebook. Well business is business, you have to do what you got to do. But this move is not that smart in my opinion., kinda of make Twitter looks “worried”