Nightly March 25

  1. This spot is for sponsors.
  2. Apple: The latest iOS 7 adoption numbers are out. About 86% of devices are using iOS 7. No figure for iOS 7.1.
  3. Apple: You can soon have better search on App Store. Apple is testing a related search suggestion feature on the App Store, which started rolling out earlier today for iPhone users on iOS 7. This also means that developers like us need to pay more attention to our keywords when submitting our app.
  4. Google: Photowall is an new app from Google that allows a user to beam photos from their iDevice to a Chromecast. Surprisingly, this app is iOS first and an Android version is coming soon.
  5. Google: Google CEO Larry Page shares his vision for Google in the coming years on stage at TED2014. The video is now available online.
  6. Mozilla: Mozilla the company that creates Firefox changed their CEO. The current CTO Brendan Eich is appointed to the role of CEO of Mozilla. He is also the creator of Javascript. One of key technology of the Web.
  7. SEO: Despite the growth in online advertising with advertisers paying for the traffic and clicks. Interactive Advertising Bureau believes that about one-third of online traffic are fake. They are generated by bots.
  8. Vice: Vice Media is going public, analysts are expecting the market value to be about the same of Twitter. Last year, Fox paid $70M for a 5% stake in Vice Media a valuation of $1.4 billion.