Nightly March 24

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  2. Apple: Apple’s iTunes Music Store sales in the US is down 11% from last year. The company is in talk with music labels about the possibility of launching an on-demand streaming service that would rival services like Spotify. Funny that “Steve Jobs was widely known to have argued that fans would never subscribe for music.”
  3. Apple: Beside on-demand music streaming service, Apple is also in talks with Comcast about steaming-TV service.
  4. Bitcoins: Understand why one of the top US investor, Marc Andreessen is doubling down on bitcoins despite the recent rumours. The average price of bitcoin as of current is 583.129 on bitstampUSD.
  5. Drone: A hacker created a drone that flies around, acts like a fake WiFi. If you mobile phone accidentally connects to it. It can hijack all your data and even know where you stay.
  6. LG. LG introduces its first Smart Bulb. The bulbs are expected to run for more than 10 years. Connects to both Android and iOS devices. Price: $32. It just so happen that I was playing with one today, a friend got it from China. About S$43 per piece, its call the Yeelight Blue.
  7. LinkedIn: About 41% of LinkedIn comes from mobile and the number is rising. To keep the users more engage, the company is betting on customise content and articles to make LinkedIn a daily destination. Interesting to note that LinkedIn is kinda of turning into a media company.
  8. Samsung: Samsung is launching a a new line of premium headphones. Price from $149.99 t0 $349.99. No release date. Question: do you trust Samsung with sound? the TV they produced are quite good thou.
  9. Xiaomi: Apparently, Xiaomi received the highest number of complaints from consumers in China among any mobile phone brands. No wonder, their phones are price so cheap. They must be saving cost on customer service. 😛