Nightly March 20

  1. Alibaba: ALibaba owes a messaging service call Laiwang, but that does not stop it from funding another messaging service Tango. Hopefully this California-based chat app can give Alibaba “some” reach to the audience aboard. I’m curious, if you are reading this how many chat apps do you actually need
  2. Facebook: The company wants to you remember that you are always connect to their service. Now they add your profile photo to the persistent notification bar in the Android notification tray. Currently only available to a small group of users. I bet Apple won’t allow that.
  3. Google: Adwords Express is now on Play Store. It allows account managers to create and purchase ads straight from their mobile devices.
  4. Hardware: It’s not all about software startups now. Last year, a total of $848M was pumped in to hardware startups double of 2012.
  5. Huawei: There will be N0 dual-booting of Android and Windows phones after all. There are rumours that the OS’s owners are not happy about the idea of dual-booting.
  6. Mobile Gaming: People are still playing games on Facebook and the engagement is higher for mobile users. Stats: About 375 million people play games that are connected with Facebook every month.
  7. Samsung: The company launched a new ad targeted straight towards the iPad, Kindle and Surface. Very funny, points out the weaknesses of competitors’ products. But only if the product could truly be delivered.
  8. Yahoo: Yahoo! Games is back. They now introduced Backend Game Services for developers too to leverage on the Yahoo Games Channel. It’s been a long time but I still remember Yahoo! Poker. It was the first game I played to learn Poker