Nightly March 19

  1. China: From travel booking to taxi hailing to virtual credit cards and even online investments. These are some of the services that you may not know that both Tencent and Alibaba are providing in China. TechinAsia has created a great infographic on this. Both companies have grown so big that they are competing in every space they can think of on the internet. btw I have my full respect for Jack Ma, he is true hustler
  2. Medium: If you like articles like Confessions of an ex- XXX, than you will love this from an ex-tech journalist. This is my favourite part. “To write the stories you want, you have to feed the machine. And the machine likes junk food.” Now you know why the quality of online publishing is dropping?
  3. Microsoft: The company stock is about to touch $40. The last time reached $40 was in July 2000. All this because of the Office version for the iPad. while everyone is chasing the tech IPOs that might not even generate revenue, we forget about the ones that are making money.
  4. Wearables: Google extends Android to wearables. Developer Preview is now available. And inline with Google’s announcement, both LG and Motorola also preview their smart watches.
  5. Sony: Think Oculus VR, Sony is making a similar one for Playstation. More sleek looking but no shipping date.