Nightly March 18

  1. Apple: Apple added 8GB model for the iPhone 5C in hope to boast sales. The model is priced at £429 (No contract). It’s a difference of £40 to the 16GB model. Locally, if we were to see the 8GB model appear, one might even get it free with contract.
  2. Bitcoin: Mt. Gox is back. They updated their site and now allows users to log in to check their balance. But what’s the use, when Mt. Gox already filed for bankruptcy protection.
  3. Dropbox: The company bought Zulip. They are like enterprise social network for workplace collaboration. Or you can think of it as Yammer or Convo. No indicated price.
  4. Line: Now you may use LINE to make calls to Landline. Currently only in Colombia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand, and the U.S. Only available for Android currently. Service named: LINE Call.
  5. Microsoft: After releasing OneNote free for Mac users. An iPad version of MS Office may be coming soon.