Interviewly&#58 Interviews With Interesting People

This is Reddit. It likes to call itself the front page of the internet. And usually it really is, if any of you blog post gets to the top of the Reddit front page, the traffic might even bring down your site.

I do not use Reddit on a frequent basis but I love the sub-Reddit, Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything).

What is Reddit’s AMA?

Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&A sessions often provide a rare opportunity for celebrities, policy makers, and other influential figures to candidly connect with internet users. via Link

Why is it interesting?

Famous people like Korean Pop-star PSY, Billionaire Bill Gates and even President of the United States Barack Obama are on Reddit’s AMA. This makes it interesting because you (anyone on the internet) have an opportunity to ask them any questions you want and the answers are pretty interesting too. However, reading on the Reddit site can be a challenge.

Introducing Interviewly

It’s a side project by Dan Drabik out of a love for Reddit AMA’s. He cleans up the format, made reading easy and even added photos.

So take some time to check out the Interviewly but careful not to be addicted because there are some really funny yet smart interviews on the site, like this one with Bill Murray and how he answers How do you feel about recreational marijuana?