Nightly March 13

  1. An interesting report on apps users in China. Users are getting more high-end phones and 80% of those are iPhones. Surprisingly Xiaomi is still quite behind Samsung in the Android market. Link
  2. The new Razer Blade is out. Comes in 14” and 17”, extremely great for gaming and comes with two custom-colored USB ports that cost the company $380K. Link
  3. After Flappy Bird comes Threes, another addictive game and it just released it’s Android version. Threes cost $1.99. Link
  4. Microsoft’s in-app ad network only have a fill rates of 2% and that is no good for developers.Lucky for me, I developed for iOS only. Link
  5. In case, you are complaining about the haze, it is nothing compare to the situation in China. Panasonic is paying its employees more to work in polluted Chinese cities. Link

p/s There is a web version of _Threes alike – _2048, it’s free.