Sonar Cows

Vital Herd, a Texas-based start-up, has developed a device that can be swallowed by cows. The sensor, or e-Pill, sits in the cow’s rumen and uses sonar technology – originally developed for military purposes – to collect information about the animal, including heart rate, temperature, rumination time, rumen acidity and oestrogen levels. via Can big data crunching help feed the world?

They say data is the new oil and now Vital Herd is using big data to help farmers to farm much more efficiently. A cloud-based dashboard is provided for the farmer to monitor the health of his herds. And he will also receive alerts when abnormal conditions are detected.

It’s kinda of like an engineering process known as Fault detection and diagnosis or in short FDD. It is use in Building Management System part of an abnormal event management. Now it is use on our food source and this is why I love technology, it pushes the limit forward.