Nightly March 12

  1. 25 years ago, the protocol for the World Wide Web was born. The inventor says that he likes to see web give people control over where their data is stored. Let’s hope that it comes truth. fun fact: I’m older than the web. Link
  2. Beside Blk71, we will soon see Blk73 and Blk79 coming on to house more startups. This means cheaper rentals to startups and a more dynamic ecosystem. Love what the garmen is doing to support the start scene, but hope that people will not take advantage of the system. link
  3. Not surprise to see New York has plans to regulate Bitcoins, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having Bitcoins in the first place? link
  4. Flappy Bird might come back…My personal views, it will be back for sure. link
  5. Chinese Tech giant Alibaba Group buys ChinaVision for its TV and movie content. Beside e-commerce they are also in the media business now. Maybe they should consider buying Viddsee, which btw is also quite a cool company. link