Nightly March 11

  1. Youku dubbed the China’s YouTube has been overtaken by Iqiyi another online video service by Baidu. Seems like the tech giant in China wants a part in everything. link
  2. MIDIA InkPhone by Onyx from Poland. A phone with a screen made from E Ink display. No camera. Battery life is about 2 weeks. In short: a kindle that can make calls. link
  3. WhatsApp adds privacy setting to it’s Andriod app. The interesting update is that it allows users to pay for their friends’s WhatsApp service. Kinda of like Line’s Gift a Sticker, I’m sure we won’t see this feature on iOS. Link
  4. iOS 7.1 is out and the Calendar app is even more awesome. link
  5. Another secret-sharing app gets funding. This time $30M at $200M valuation. I’m sure an Asia clone will be coming out soon. And you wonder how many secret apps do you need. Link