Nightly March 10

Introducing nightly bybosslee. Short snippets of tech news summary and my own opinions hopefully to help you understand the tech scene better.

  1. Box, a cloud storage company, kinda of like Dropbox but more designed for enterprise-sized companies is going for IPO with a revenue projection of $200M. Link
  2. Samsung new music streaming app – Milk comes with No ads, No login and it’s Free. But it only works in US and on certain models of Galaxy phones. Link
  3. Twitter is making money even outside of the US. I hope that is a good sign to come because I do have a little shares on them. £1 million a week in UK. Link
  4. Facebook developer conference F8 is back. Last F8 was in 2011. It is highlighted that it will be a pure developer conference. Let see what they have us (developers). Link
  5. A 16 year-old makes $2000 on Vine. She has 2.4 million followers. I have 2000 followers on twitter, I wonder how much can I make? 😀 link

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