An Entrepreneur Three P’s

This startup just secured $1M in funding, that startup just gotten a $500K TIS Grant. These are the usually headlines from our local tech news and many times the picture is painted so beautifully that people over the other side of the fence wants to join in.

But do you have what it takes?

You’ve got friends who’ve started up and every other person you hear from friends of friends are starting businesses. That gets your juices flowing, but just because someone is doing it doesn’t qualify you to do it as well. via Entrepreneurship is not pretty. Are you sure you’re ready to leave your job for it?

The article shares three P’s that a person should have before stepping into this shithole. Passion, Persistence and a Problem. If you have it, you are good to go but I would strongly advise you to start small and not quit your job immediately. Try doing it by the side, if it gain traction than start to see how you can do it full time.