A Productivity List Curated By The Human Mind

I’m a productivity geek. Sometimes I spent a whole afternoon reading productivity blogs finding a fix to make my life somehow more efficient. And I believe that there must also be someone out who’s like me, spending their time finding ways to efficiently hack their time. But the same afternoon can be wasted and end up being counter productive.


If you’re searching for solutions to solve a problem you don’t have, then you’re really just procrastinating from the real work that needs to get done instead. via link

So I’m thinking, maybe I can come up with a weekly productivity list that helps someone out to save their time. Every Thursday, I would compile a list of interesting and useful productively tips along with a short summary.

Here’s a sample

  • If you read quite a bit on Kindle and frequently use the Highlighter feature on Kindle. This article teaches you how to store all these notes and highlights int0 Evernote. link
  • After every meeting or lecture, take 30 sec to write down write down the most important points. These points will somehow be engrave into your brain. link
  • For GTD fans, this is how you can organised a Couresa course. And maybe stands a chance in not dropping off from the lessons. Link
  • Maybe you do not need to follow any productivity blogs after all? I like the part where the article highlights that productivity blogs is like a drug store with no FDA to evaluate the claims. link

Would you find this form of list useful? I’m taking a bet that it would be useful and maybe someone might even buy me a coffee/beer for this service. Fellow productivity geeks, what do you think?

Love to hear your thoughts, my email is reachme@bosslee.co or tweet me with just a click below.