Boosting Apps

To boost an iPhone app into the top five of Apple’s China app store can cost 60,000 yuan (£5,800). via China cyber-gangs use ‘vast underground network’

Spend about S$12.5K and you will have your app up on the Apple’s China app store top 5 ranking.

So is it worth spending this amount?

As the app stores fill up, it’s getting ever more expensive for developers to acquire new users. The cost to acquire a loyal user, or one that opens an app three times, grew from $1.30 in 2012 to $1.62 in 2013. Mobile App Marketing Costs Hit Record Highs In 2013

Let’s take an average of $1.45, that’s about S$1.80 depending on exchange rate. To get back the value of S$12.5K, you should be expecting the new ranking to bring you about 7000 users. In my personal opinion, 7000 users does not seem too hard to reach…see Mobile app Between has been downloaded over 5 million times by couples but I may be wrong.

Question to self

  • are you chasing for growth? I believe that once you are up in the top 5 ranking, it could even bring in more users (>7000)
  • is china your market?
  • do you have the budget?

What’s your take on getting top ranking on the app store with the less legitimate means? tweet to discuss.