Writing It Down With Evernote

Writing things down on a piece of paper is an amazing experience. It feels good. It allows you to pour out your thoughts. It makes you remember. It also gives you the big picture so you can plan what’s coming ahead.

Make a list of all the reasons you want to live more simply. If you are sick of debt collectors, write it down. Mad that you never get any time with your kids? Write it down. To stressed out to sleep at night? Put it on paper. Want to fire your boss? Yep, write that down too. These are your whys and your whys will provide great leverage when you think it’s too hard to keep going. Your whys will help you remember what matters. via 7 Tiny Steps for the Beginner Minimalist

Evernote has been known for its note taking ability but I also like to share with you that it also works amazingly with pen and paper.

How I Use Evernote Photo Document Setting

I’m now taking the iOS7 Stanford Course on iTunes, as I watch the lecture I would also be taking down notes, just like university times. But after each lecture, I would also be saving the notes I taken into Evernote with its document camera feature.
Evernote Photo Document Setting

This is an example of an lecture on NSNotFound, also notice that there are also Post-It Note and Business Card settings. Try the settings on a Post-It and a business card and see how it turns out
Evernote Powerful Search

With the Evernote document setting, it turns my physical notes into digital collections. I saved them into a note book called inbox with a tag CS193P. By saving into Evernote, you can make the document searchable and now even when you do not have my notebook with you, you still can refer to it from any of your mobile devices. Evernote search works for both photos and PDFs, if you can see I also saved the lectures into the same notebook and if you want, you can search the text within the PDF.

This document feature works with any notebook, but if you are a bit high on budget – you might like to consider Evernote Moleskin. It will work seamless with the document feature.

Have fun writing.
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