Caffeine is a Zero-Sum Game

Caffeine tolerance builds up rather quickly (2-3 weeks) and further, is near-total. That means that if you drink coffee regularly, pretty soon you start producing more adenosine in respose; thus you need your caffeine dose just to get up to your normal level of brain activity, and you’re dopey if you don’t take it. Via Arvind Narayanan’s journal – The calculus of caffeine consumption

I love coffee and I like to have one in the morning. It gives me the boost to kill those emails hanging around the inboxes.

Sometimes, I take one after lunch and the caffeine doesn’t seems to have much effect like the morning cup. I wonder why and started looking around.

I found this article that discuss about the calculus of caffeine consumption. Basically it talks about the productivity cycle a person goes through in a day. It’s like a wave, having highs and lows. If you were to consumed caffeine during the high points, it will accelerate your productivity and vice versa.

In my case, I love morning and I’m especially productive in the morning, so the morning cup works wonder for me. While at lunch, it’s kinda of my low point and getting that afternoon caffeine fix just made it worst.

So how many cups of coffee do you have per day and which cup makes wonder for you?