The Problem Might Be You

Mostly, people don’t change jobs solely for money. They almost never resign on a whim or in a fit of anger. They joined your company because they believed it right for them, and they actually want it to be right. Something, at some point, makes it wrong. And if you really take the time to dig into their real reasons for leaving and you should you will find that it’s not the company they blame. It’s not the location, or the team, or the database or the air-conditioning.via People Don’t Leave Companies They Leave Leaders!

During your startup journey, you will meet lots of amazing people. Sometimes they might even be the very best talent around. You become friends and they even joined you on your crazy journey. (these talents can easily get much more money joining big MNC)

I have a friend, who runs a small development house around and he have some of the best engineers with him. However, things started to change few months ago. One by one his engineers left. We had a few talks (entrepreneurs are often lonely people) about the situation.

Initially, I thought that salary might be an issue. Or maybe the job challenges . But as more people leave, I start to wonder Could it be you are the one that is the issue, Bro? Because you seems to be a change man when you firm starts making more money.