How To Use Evernote Tags

Once you have over 1,000 Evernote notes you will begin to forget some of what you have saved, though you know you saved it to Evernote. While Evernote has an amazing search engine, you can not search for something if you can not remember what you are looking for. If you use Evernote tags extensively, you can scroll through the tags list in Evernote much quicker and find more meaning than you can in 1,000 note titles. You will find what you are looking for this way. via Evernote Tags vs. Notebooks. Organize Your Evernote With These Tips

Jason Frasca shares a really good article on how to use Evernote tags. Most of the people I know using Evernote seldom use tags, instead we have different notebooks containing the notes. At certain stage, we have too much notebooks and we have it in stacks. But that is making things complicated, because the notes are nested in the notebooks and you sidebar looks just like a nested windows folder.

Here’s a guide from Jason to remove your notebook clutter:

if a notebook is dormant for more than 3 months, highlight the notes in the notebook, give them tags of the same name as the notebook they are replacing and move the notes to your main notebook. Now delete the dormant notebook. You will still be able to see all the notes from the deleted notebook together by the tag you just created and free up valuable notebook space.

I just arranged mine. You should give it a try too.