No Love Lost, @Evernote

Phil Libin, responses to Jason Kincaid blog post about the security issues with Evernote. It’s a long read but I believe this last quote captures it all.

Our goal isn’t to have a product that’s just good enough that users rely on it despite its warts, it’s to have a world class product, built with solid technology and with a fit and finish worthy of our users’ love and loyalty. Via On Software Quality and Building a Better Evernote in 2014

First a disclaimer, I’m an Evernote ambassador. I plan my fitness, my work, my personal documents now even my wedding preparation details with it. I trust it to keep my data safe. There was definitely a drop in confidence when I read Jason’s post and I’m disappointed.

However, its good to hear that Evernote was fast to response and especially from the CEO himself. Now when a company/startup grows big and a similar incident happened, it will be hard to get the CEO to speak immediately. Usually the PR company would be the first to step up, or they can behaved like Snapchat CEO. So reading this long post from Mr Phil, himself is certainly an assurance that Evernote is here to stay and making sure that quality to stay top notch.

No love lost, @Evernote.

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