I fell on the first day of new year.

I was doing my usual run at MacRitchie Reservoir and as I was heading down-slope, I took a fall. I stood up, wipe away the sand and started running again. Along the run, a few thoughts came to mind.

unnecessary risk

  • This is the same route that I run on the weekend. I got comfortable thinking that no accident would happen although there was slight rain in the morning. So I tried to zoom down the slope. Bad choice.

Just like starting up, you perform best when you are bootstrapping because you work under constrains and think of innovative ways to market your product. But once you raised funding, do note NOT to be too comfortable and start taking unnecessary risk.

you make the choice

  • When I recovered, with the bruised knee and elbow. I have a choice, to stop or to continue. Well, I continued and went on at a faster pace.

Starting up is similar, there are period of down time, where you as the founder feels like shit. You have a choice, to continue and make the best out of it or simply let it go

sometimes it’s good to take a fall.

  • The fall was painful, but it also woke me up from my sloppy run. I slept late last night, so my run was a bit sloppy and not keeping to good running form. The fall makes me understand that once you get lazy, things will go against you.

Like most of you, I have set my resolutions for this new year. There maybe times where you get lazy and failed to keep your resolutions in place. Start with small changes and build up the momentum.

A fall during the first day of new year may not seems so bad after all 🙂

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