Thank You 2013, Now For 2014

Thank you

The year 2013 has been a roller coaster ride. The good thing is I managed to sit through it and I like to say a big Thank you to everyone for your support.

This year my biggest achievement is learning how to code. This skill that I learn taught me to be a builder and also taught me to think better. Now I see things in a different light, An app is more than a simple application that let’s you swipe. Thank you Cong, Chris, Bryan Lim, Daniel, Guochen, Steve, YC and many others for answering my funny, nonsensical programming questions.

In the coming year, I would be better. Maybe you all would be asking me questions instead.

This year I discover minimalism. Maybe because I’m getting old, or maybe I woke up from my dream… only to realised that I do not need so much things in life. I only wear that usual few clothing I have, the rest is all cluttering up in my cupboard. I also started to mediate and I recommend all friends to do that. It clears your mind and really helps you to set your day.

In the coming year, I’m going to let go of more stuff, becoming leaner and much more simple.

This year I understand what becoming a boss truly means. It means that each and every of your employees matter are your matters too. We are successful not because we are good but because we have a good team. It also means that you as a founder, have to set time to communicate with your staff. Know how they feel, what they want and how you can help them be better. It is not always they help you only.

In the coming year, I’m going listen more and become a better people person.

My last post of 2013. It’s a sweet one.
Happy New Year everyone! Again, thank you for your support!

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks