Which programming language to start first?

At the end of the day, having familiarity and a professional ability to code with one of the major programming languages is a great start to your developer career. By mastering one language, you’ll have an easier time transitioning to the next.

Could not agreed more on this. I started with iOS (it is possible to start with mobile first) and my transition to Javascript was much easier. To friends who are considering to start programming, just pick one and go. Very much similar to running, wear your running shoes and go.

but if really cannot decide which language to start?

Your decision should be based on which one offers you more learning resources. If you have a close friend that knows one or the other, learn that – you’ll have someone to help when you have questions. If you have a friend that’s studying one or the other, do that – you’ll have someone to hack on stuff with.

Hacking with friends is the most awesome thing in programming. You learn new stuff and it makes those boring sentences so much more fun. Again like running, having a friend to pace with improves your run time.

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Both quotes via Programming Languages: Learn JavaScript Ahead of Ruby/Rails