Succumbing to Time Pressure

We have all had the experience of being in a hurry and making a decision we later regret. The same thing can happen with teams. It’s important to be aware of the potential for bad decisions when under an intense deadline, and it needs to be okay for someone to raise a flag and call a timeout. A common practice for sports teams, all teams need to have a “timeout” norm in place.

via Why Good Teams Make Bad Decisions

Facebook’s ‘move fast and break things’ philosophy might not always work.

It is true that one of the competitive advantage of startup is being able to move fast but sometimes it might lead to bad decisions even in a team setting. When a team gets together for a period of time, the thoughts and arguments converge. We start to think alike.

To all great teams out there, take a mid-point stop. Slow down and fix the shit that you created before moving forward.

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