Founders Love To Talk

Last week on an adhoc basis, we decided to visit Vietnam. Why Vietnam?

  • some of us wanted to get away for a while i.e. Take 5
  • some wanted to see how the fast growing startup1 scene is like in Vietnam
  • and all of us wanted to visit Kong

So with little planning, we went ahead.

Riding in vietnam

We rented bikes and with Kong taking the lead, we were able to zoom around Ho Chi Min and visit places that the local frequent. Riding in Vietnam is hardcore. The traffic is dominated by bikes and almost every motorists ignored the traffic rules – which at the same time makes it more fun.

But what I really love about the trip is being able to talk to fellow founders.

founders love to talk

There are many startup networking events2 and Facebook groups3 locally, but none of it (in my opinion) builds relationship among founders. This trip certainly brought our friendship4 closer to each other and as founders we are able to share stuff that we can relate to. Try sharing your startup woes to someone who’s working in the corporate sector, it is hard for them to relate.

I am lucky to have a co-founder to share our startup woes with. But sometimes, it is good to hear feedback and suggestions from fellow founders. You can never do this in any of the startup event found locally. During the chat, we shared the issues we faced with our startups, we discuss solutions on technical issues (backend, frontend), we talked about our local startup scene and how it develops and of course we chat a bit on gossips too. If I did not remember wrongly, I believe we chatted for 3 hours straight. This was quality time spent5 and I really love it.

I can’t wait for next year trip. #nopvn6

p/s the food is great in Vietnam too, you can find all the awesome food photos on Daniel’s burpple account.

  1. A growing number of startup initiatives: 5desire,,,, Saigon Hub, Start Center, Hub.IT,, VYE Bootcamp, Launch, Action Space, and Founders Institute are just a few initiatives that have been growing, especially in the last year – 10 reasons why Vietnam’s startup scene is the most aggressive in Southeast Asia.
  2. there is even bitcoin meetup –
  3. there is Facebook group for almost everything –
  4. We all met in Plug-In@Blk71
  5. we were not in Vietnam to chase after the places of interest or to achieve the “been there, done that” kind of travel.
  6. if you are on twitter, you can find some of our photos shared with the hashtag #nopvn. What is #nop? – It is the unofficial version of Nerds On Plane and #vn stands for Vietnam.