Discovery Of Your Life Purpose

My advice is that if you are on your own and you have no other commitments, and you feel that whatever it is that you are striving for is important to you, you must keep trying. Keep trying until it becomes ridiculous, and then try some more. If not, you will regret it, and regret is worse than failure.

Via Note 3: Handling life’s crises

Words from a dad to his sons on “how to live life” – This is a great 3 part blog posts and I recommend you read it in one go if you have time. Starts from note 1, note 2 and finally note 3.

I read many articles on life (or self-help, if you like to call it), sometimes I get lost in an environment full of noise and I have regrets. If I could time travel, there are many things I would do differently (I’m sure many would do the same). I’m 31 this year and I’m worry. Worry about my family, worry about my startup, worry about the choices I’m going to make (what if it goes wrong)?. Reading these three articles deepens my thoughts about finding my inner-self. And finding that inner-self is what we need to do in this short life ours. There are no correct, wrong, right decisions1. Only decisions we made our own2.

The ‘discovery’ of your life’s purpose may come to you in an epiphany, a sudden burst of insight, or it may come to you slowly, with you realizing that “it feels right” with each of the steps that you take in life. Again, there is no ‘correct’ path. It is different for everyone. – Moh Hon Meng