Let Go of Anxiety

Spend some time in silence, and listen to the voice of your intuition, which is the voice of your true self. Sometimes you won’t be able to hear that voice, so be patient. Trust that you will receive the answers you seek in time.

Via The Power of Patience: Let Go of Anxiety and Let Things Happen

I often messed up when I find myself getting anxious. Pretty much like the time when I’m late for a meeting or a class and you felt like you just had a bad day. And all these triggers down to a chain of events that are even worst. Maybe while you are rushing out for the meeting, you forgot your keys and you end up waiting at your office doors.

So preparation is the best way to avoid this kind of situation but there are times when this kind of things just “pops” up.

Here’s what I do

  1. I take deep breathes – I start to calm down.
  2. As I clam down, I learn to be patience – things already happened, there is not need to get “crazy” over it, relax and think “how to make it better”.
  3. As I learn to be more patience, I became less anxious and let things take its own course.

Give it a try, it’s much better than to face a series of “bad” events happening, that just wasn’t your day.