YouTube Subscription Music Video Service?

Many younger listeners already use YouTube as a free, on-demand jukebox – searching for, and finding, official music videos of major releases. The challenge for YouTube has been to create a service that would be better than what it currently offers its audience in order to justify a monthly fee of around $10.

via YouTube Close to Launching Subscription Music Service (Breaking)

I’ve always associate YouTube with videos but never really with music. Although there are times, when I cannot find the songs on Spotify, I would head straight to YouTube because there might be a chance that someone uploaded a music video there.

But the interesting thing about this, Why is YouTube doing this, since Google already have complimentary services available? Google have Google Music. They can chose to add the music videos as part of the premium service. And also Google (or rather YouTube) owns a similar service Vevo – a music video website. It would be interesting to see how it turns out when YouTube launch their service but we can certainly see that Google is letting YouTube run rather independently.