Demand Or Deserve?

When you have too much to do or too many ideas to choose from, it’s hard to determine what comes first. You will find focus when you can discern what demands your attention and what deserves your attention. The demand can wait, the deserve cannot.

Via Get Simple and Focus on What Matters Most

I’m believe many entrepreneurs have lots of ideas on their mind. The difference that makes them entrepreneurs is that they put their idea into execution.

However, sometimes when an entrepreneur comes up with a few ideas and wants to execute them at the same time, things fell apart. I’m guilty this too.

It goes back to the same saying, of being FOCUS . So how do you than determine which idea works for you? The author of the above quote shared:

ask yourself, “demand or deserve?”

And I think this is a really good question to ask oneself. Demand to me are like random ideas, which spins off after reading tech news,I think it’s pretty cool and I want to do. Yet after a few days the motivation dies off. Deserve to me is an IDEA, that is game changing and I have a strong belief in, the motivation to work on it remains even after sleeping over the idea after several weeks. This is the one that needs your time and commitment on.

Ideas are free, time is not and execution needs time. Choose the idea that deserve your time.