My experience on Evernote Conference 2013

My experience on Evernote Conference 2013

evernote conference 2013 keynote
Evernote Conference is the first tech conference that I attend out of Singapore and the crowd here is crazy. People I met are either running a startup or working for one. And who would have thought I actually have the opportunity to speak to someone from Andreessen Horowitz. Its like a dream come true, coming to the heart of startup land in San Francisco especially for me who’s totally love the tech scene. In fact, it’s so hard for me to put in words.

I’m living in the moment

Since our local tech medias are not here. I thought “hey this is the golden opportunity for me to be a tech journalist wannbe”. I thought of doing a breaking news style, sort of like live blogging about the new updates to Evernote follow by an analysis on Evernote’s keynote speech.

As you can see, this post is written after the Day 1 of the Evernote Conference. I never really did any live blogging. The funny part was that I was actually prepared for it. I had a big bag, charged up my laptop, brought 2 phones and bring all the chargers I have available thinking like I’m actually a report of sort. Now that I think back, it is so funny.

the funny moments

  1. The keynote was so full of hype and such inspiring speech by Phil Libin. It was hard to write and listen to the keynote at the same time. I really respect those who journalist who covered the event. I was like totally engrossed, but I did took lots of photos and upload up on my tumblr blog and push out some interesting tweets.
  2. The internet connection was really bad. Because everyone was trying to logon and posting stuff online. There was like a jam on the signal. So for the next conference, I would be getting my pre-paid data plan early.
  3. Photo taking opportunity with respectable tech founders. This was the moment where I had the chance to take photo with the awesome people who created products that we are using on a daily basis. Here’s a pro tip, arrived at the conference early because it’s hard too catch them after their keynote speech. I missed the opportunity when I was saw Phin walking past before the keynote speech. I did managed to grab a photo with him but it was much later when the event end. I also managed to grab a shot with Pocket creator – @NateWeiner
  4. Product shots. If you are thinking of doing reviews on new release product, leave right after the keynote speech. Usually there will be a bit more talk after the keynote but you can leave and head out to take photos of the the amazing new products. There are less people and you can be getting great photo shots.

So these are some of the experiences and funny moments I have with Evernote Conference. I still looking forward to do an analysis piece on Evernote and it’s direction. But I will be doing it after the event, right now I need to head off to Day 2 of the event.

check out the photos I took here