Travel Alone

6 years ago, I had a sudden thought in my mind. How would it feel to travel alone? So right after my internship,
I took my pay check and went straight off to Vietnam for 21 days. I made some friends, learn to speak up, handle tourist traps, the experience was amazing.

However, when my friends ask if I would to do it again, I said No , no to traveling alone. I felt bored traveling alone, I wanted to talk. Maybe it was the first time, I traveled alone so I was anxious so I wanted someone to talk to. Or because I felt a sense of insecurity, kinda of having the feeling that people are out there to con me (especially when people are helpful). I would prefer to travel with friends, in small groups of course.

But along the years, I have friends who travelled far out of Asia alone and they have return with great stories. I always ask them Aren’t you bored during the journey – many replied No and they highlighted that it was a great time to think. So I keep on thinking maybe it was just me, or is it a fear that I have to overcome.

So when an opportunity came to visit SV for the Evernote Conference, I decided to extend my stay. Looking forward to a talkative me and a more thinking me. And in the case I’m bored, I write down my thoughts (on Evernote, of course) just like this post.

The current challenge now is how many movies I can watch in this 18 hours flight.

How was your experience traveling alone?