Making Presentations From Evernote

You’re already using Evernote to gather your thoughts and collect your research. Rather than taking the time to transfer these ideas to presentation software, use Presentation Mode to let people into your thinking process by showing your notes in a beautiful, full-screen layout with one click.

via Presentation Mode: The Better Way to Present Your Ideas

Before presentation mode, I have already been using for Evernote for presentation especially for Intraix’s weekly show and tell. It’s easy and I can have my presentation with me anytime. This is an example my evernote presentation. I even have a notebook to store my notes because each note is a presentation. Now with presentation mode, it has just made my life even more awesome. The design is clean and it makes those simple notes in something more professional.

This came at a right time, I having a presentation this Friday down over at SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design) and would be looking to use presentation mode. You can give it a try too, it’s in the new Evernote for Mac version 5.3.